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Security Video Analytics Systems

The practicality of advanced security video analytics software, and why you should care.

Since the late ’90s, video analytics security systems have received a range of reviews from “This is the greatest advance in security technology in 50 years” to “It doesn’t really work, so don’t waste your money.”

The practical truth is somewhere in between. The advanced video analytics that are an important component of every CheckVideo solution are just the right amount of this well-evolved technology to solve 90% or more of the problems that have you thinking about achieving better security with video in the first place.

The advanced self-adapting video analytics software from CheckVideo enables the end-user to utilize video to proactively address security challenges, instead of waiting for something bad to happen.

The Power of Advanced Video Analytics

For businesses large and small, security is always a top priority. With the CheckVideo video analytics security system, you can rest assured that your locations are well-protected against potential intruders. Our solution uses cutting-edge video analytics technology to monitor activity around your properties and instantly notifies you if anything suspicious is detected. What’s more, the CheckVideo system has been hardened with over 20 years of field-proven experience, making it one of the most reliable security solutions on the market today.

CheckVideo solutions protect airports, critical infrastructure, outdoor assets and provide business intelligence to thousands of customers every day. The analytics technology in each solution goes well beyond motion detection and rules-based approaches that require significant training, and often suffer from high percentages of false alarms. CheckVideo video analytics are calibration-free, automatically learn and adapt to the environment and require no training or manual adjustment. With the fastest learning rate in the industry, CheckVideo enabled cameras start detecting accurately within a few seconds. The analytics track and classify all moving objects, and include behavior recognition to only send alerts when certain types of activities occur. Best of all, this is available in a cost-effective package that can be managed and configured entirely off-site.

Video Analytics Process


Step 1 Create a Background Image

Video analytics security


Step 2 Background Subtraction

Segment foreground moving pixels from backgrounds
Security video background subtraction for video analytics


Step 3 Clutter Removal

Remove all non-object pixels

Clutter removal step in security video analysis







Step 4 Tracking

A current object is matched with the best-fit object maintained in the track history

Tracking through video analytics software







Step 5 Classification

Classified a labeled object into human(s), vehicle(s), or other objects based on machine learning

Surveillance video classification step






Step 6 Behavior Recognition

Based on analysis of a snapshot or a track history, report the object’s behavior with an alert

Advanced video analytics behavior recognition







Supported Video Analytics

Basic Video Analytics

  • Motion Detection: Detects moving objects in the scene, removes clutter to reduce false alarms.
  • Zone Violation: Detects an object in a zone. Zones can be any polygon shape and unlimited
    zones per view are supported.
  • Camera Tamper: Detects scene changes, dark conditions, view blocked.
  • Video Loss: Detects video signal loss.

Classification Video Analytics

  • Person Detection: Qualifies a moving object as a person based on machine learning.
  • Vehicle Detection: Qualifies a moving object as a vehicle based on machine learning.
  • Loitering: Looks for people that stay in a zone for some period of time.
  • Vehicle Stopped: Looks for vehicles that stay in a zone for some period of time.
  • Additional video verification security analytics available upon request.

Business Video Analytics

  • Counting: Counts objects or people entering a zone or in a zone. Aggregates counts over
    hours, days or weeks.
  • Heat Maps: Provides motion, person or vehicle heat maps that show activity overlaid on the
    view, aggregated over time.
  • Dwell Time: Measures the average amount of time spent by a person or vehicle in a zone.
  • Tracks: Overlays tracking information for people or vehicles on the view.
  • Transaction: Correlates video with transaction events.

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