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Retail environments have unique requirements that span security, safety and operational concerns, both indoors and outdoors. High-shrink areas, parking lots, distributed warehouses, dumpsters and entrances are just some of the places that seem to always demand attention.

Retail Security

With CheckVideo’s retail surveillance security system, you can focus on what matters most — your business. Customer insights, increased profitability and security are all made possible with intelligent surveillance cameras for retail stores and video solutions from CheckVideo.


All solutions include 100% online systems management thanks to the award-winning Cloud VMS. Low cost, reliable and secure, CheckVideo is the only video solution that uses analytics to enhance retail security, provide valuable insights into customer behavior and save precious time doing so.

Business Insights

Traffic Counting View aggregate person counts by date and time. Compare by the hour across days or weeks, or even across months. Export data for further analytics.

Map Visualization Rich map visualization of traffic across multiple cameras provides insights into customer flow within your space. Compare this across days and weeks and aggregate data to gain insights that drive better product placement to increase conversion rates and revenue.

Features and Benefits

Third generation cloud video surveillance software provides much more than recording and playback of video on a monitor.

Unified System, Single Login

Use existing analog cameras, existing IP cameras and/or new cameras and view all your cameras at multiple stores to see in one portal via any web browser or mobile phone.

IT Friendly

There are no servers to manage, no software to install and configure, no IT needs at all beyond initial setup.


CheckVideo takes just minutes to learn. No need for IT staff to find video. And no software needed – any web browser or mobile phone will do.

Health Monitoring

Our devices monitor their own health and alert within minutes if any component, including your legacy cameras, have an issue.

Video Verification

Transform any camera into an alarm sensor providing push notifications to any number of users and/or to a central monitoring station.

Lightning Fast Searches

Find incidents in seconds. Search for video can be performed easily and instantly across any or all cameras in any site or across multiple stores.


Unlimited number of sites, users, camera connections, and number of views.

Business Intelligence

Optionally, CheckVideo systems can provide heat maps, dwell times, people counting, queue counts and alerts, occupancy counts, and time-lapse snapshots which are ideal for ensuring stock is on the floor and not in the stockroom.

Additional Features

CheckVideo includes the ability to view live and event video on any computer, tablet or smartphone.


CheckVideo includes Smart Matrix which automatically pushes video to a multiplexed view when something you’re interested in appears in camera view.


CheckVideo also includes Visual Tracking where every user can save any number of views based people or vehicle movement to logically understand a path from camera to camera. These tools make LP investigations easy, intuitive and fast.

Retail Surveillance

Convenience Stores

When it comes to security, convenience stores face a number of challenges that affect their bottom line. As an owner, it is simply not possible to keep an eye on everything on your own, especially if you operate in more than one location.


CheckVideo provides Generation 3 intelligent video security solutions that address every concern convenience stores have when it comes to protecting their stores, increasing profits, and improving operations.


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Retail Surveillance

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